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Why Choose GCDU?

We, like you, are golfing enthusiasts.It doesn't really matter whether you are a low handicapper or one at the other end of the scale we share a common addiction to the Royal and Ancient Game of Golf.Once infected we are all smitten with the disease for the rest of our life.We are constantly looking for an opportunity to get on to the golf course and play that killer round which is always ... next time!

We at Golf Clubs Down Under want to be a partner with you to help create a more enjoyable golfing experience.Back around the turn of the century (that sounds a long time ago), through friendship with a golfing buddy in the USA, we decided to establish an Australian on-line golf shop and market the highest quality custom-fit golf clubs.At that time on-line retailing was still fairly new; the only on-line golf outlets were in the States.


We elected to hand build our clubs fitted to the individual golfer.Nothing off the rack.No two people are exactly the same; same applies to golfers; golf clubs need to be custom made to suit the individual.

Club fitting is an art.Many web sites offer computer fitting we prefer a more personal approach.Our Fitting Questionnaire not only assesses you as a golfer today but also gives insight to your potential for tomorrow.Our fitting purpose,based on many years of experience,is to help you improve your game, not just to stay at your present level.Golf should be fun … not hard work.

Our mission is to assist you in finding the best golf products,to make them affordable,to make the game more enjoyable and to encourage you to achieve your potential.Unlike some web sites, our goal is not to reduce human contact.Our goal is to offer you the help that works best for you and your situation.So call us… we are here to help you via Live Help, on the phone at 03 5904 6406 or, you can complete your entire transaction on-line, with confidence that a real human being with years of experience will still be reviewing your order details to make sure that everything works together.

This is a golf club business run by avid golfers.We endeavor to help our customers get the proper club in their hand that will help make golf more fun!We design clubs for the beginners to the pro.We are dedicated to the game and enjoy our golf. We want you to get the most from your game too!