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Club Kite Pro
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Remarkably simple and so easy to use, Club Kite works by creating controlled air resistance - the longer the club the greater the resistance.  Attached to a 7 iron it will stretch and warm-up your golf muscles. Attached to a 3 iron or Driver it develops strength and improved club head speed. Whilst golf is rarely considered a physically strenuous sport the fact remains - the fitter you are, the greater the opportunity to play well. Club Kite helps create muscle memory (an important part of sustaining a better swing) and greater muscle tone - which leads to faster club-head speed with more distance and greater accuracy

Club Kite is a training aid  for every level of experience.

Beginners and intermediates will find that practice swinging with Club Kite will bring their larger muscles into play creating a better swing path and greater distance.

Advanced players will achieve greater strength and stamina - essential in the modern power style of play. 

Club Kite is used around the world by many of the best long drivers (eg Carl Wolter)

"The most effective swing enhancement device I have ever coached with."   
Steve Bann – PGA Tour Coach

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Stewart Appleby practicing with Club Kite.



Club Kite is an innovative resistance training aid developed to teach the body how to swing effectively.
It is aimed at sports participants of all ages from beginners level right through to professional.
Great features of ClubKite include its lightweight proportion, ability to fold flat for storage and readiness to attach to any club in seconds.


90 days

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